A child occupational therapist is not a common term, but it can be a life-saving choice for some children. An occupational therapist is often called upon when a child has been in an accident or hurt their arm at school, and they need immediate assistance. This type of professional is trained to work with children who have been born with physical disabilities that limit their movements. There are many other reasons that parents choose to have occupational therapy in Abu Dhabi as part of their child’s healthcare, but we are only going to talk about a few here.

Sensory processing:

One of the most popular reasons why kids get occupational therapy is due to sensory processing. When a child is born with limited senses, they cannot process many things the same way other people can. That is why it is so important to take advantage of occupational therapy services that are often paid for by your insurance policy. Occupational therapy is a safe, effective method to assist your child with necessary accommodations to facilitate living, including communication, physical exercise, and balance, just to name a few.

Autism-spectrum disorder:

Another reason why parents choose to have occupational therapists help their children with sensory processing is due to the autism spectrum disorder. Around 20% of children have some form of autism, and this number is constantly rising. Many children with autism also suffer from sensory processing disorders. If you have a child who has either sensory processing disorder or autism, you should consider getting an occupational therapist involved in the healthcare of your child. 

An increase in the occurrence of autism spectrum disorder diagnoses:

Another reason why parents decide to have an occupational therapist involved in the healthcare of their child is that there is an increase in the occurrence of autism spectrum disorder diagnoses. There is an increase in the number of children who suffer from this disorder. Occupational therapists are specially trained in dealing with children who have autism spectrum disorder.

They ensure your child has a happy life:

Having an Occupational Therapist involved in the life of your child is imperative in ensuring that your child has a happy and fulfilling life. Children with autism spectrum disorder have some of the most difficult traits to overcome. They may have difficulty with a sensory processing disorder, and they may have difficulty with nonverbal behavior. They may not communicate with others well or have problems with gross motor skills. However, these specialists work with your child professionally and ensure to overcome these issues.