If you’ve ever wondered why your indoor tiles in Dubai are wearing out so quickly, there are four primary causes. These include uneven installation, poor grout, mold and mildew, and spot bonding. Explore these factors and why they’re so important to your home. Read on to find out why these problems happen and how you can prevent them. Also, learn how to choose the right tile for your home.

Uneven installation:

If you plan to install new indoor tiles in your home, you must ensure that they are evenly installed. If you do not do this, you risk wearing the tiles sooner. This is particularly problematic for large rectangular tiles. Uneven installations are also prone to lippage, where the tile on top of the tile above it is higher than the one on its sides. The installer may have chosen the wrong pattern for the tiles or improperly applied the adhesive.

Uneven grout:

The most common reason indoor tiles wear out fast is uneven grout. Most people do not clean their floors properly, so any residual water from the mop can cling to the grout. Then there is the fact that some tile grout colors are lighter than others, which can lead to discoloration. Adding color to grout can make it look newer for longer, but you will also need to pay attention to how it dries.

Spot bonding:

Spot bonding is the wrong way to install floor tiles. It results in less adhesive contact than 80 percent for interior applications and 95% for exterior applications. The problem is magnified in wet areas and unsupported corners and edges, which can make the tiles susceptible to cracking and crushing. It reduces the bond strength and makes the tiles less resistant to stress and impact.

Mold and mildew:

If you have a bathroom with a shower curtain, you need to keep the curtain aired. When the shower curtain is damp, it becomes the ideal habitat for mildew. You can use a mildew-repellent spray to get rid of the problem. However, before you use this spray on your bathroom curtains, make sure that you test the product first to make sure that it won’t damage the color.